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How FINDcures Can Help

Making the decision to relocate is difficult and stressful under any circumstances.  Personal and family relationships, children’s schooling, religious affiliations, employment, and familiarity with an area are all affected.  When a relocation is required due to health reasons, those same levels of stress are magnified significantly.  A neurological disease has far reaching consequences that can dramatically impact a family’s financial resources, geographic location, relationships, and lifestyle.

Within the FINDcures “Perimeter of Hope” there are resources available to you and your family that can help make the relocation process as stress free as humanly possible.  Realistically, we can’t totally eliminate all the stress that can accompany a relocation, but it is our goal.

When you contact FINDcures for the first time, we begin assessing your needs and match them up with the services provided within our “Perimeter of Hope”.  Depending on your unique situation, a team of professionals is assembled to assist you.  As it relates to Housing, Relocation, and Real Estate Services, we assign a Certified Relocation Professional and/or a Real Estate Broker to your team.  Together, they are the resource that will provide you with the information and guidance needed to properly plan and execute your relocation.  We understand that the decision to relocate isn’t made lightly, and for that reason FINDcures is committed to helping you get through it.

Why would a relocation be necessary?

When an individual receives a neurological disease diagnosis, oftentimes the illness can have an impact on their ability to provide for their family.  If their ability to work is affected, the loss or reduction in income can have a devastating effect, and can put a considerable amount of stress on the on financial and emotional well-being of the family.  With cash flow significantly reduced by illness, cost of living considerations soon take on paramount importance.

In addition, specialized medical resources may be required but are not readily available at current location.  Having convenient access to specialized medical services are essential for the on-going treatment of the patient.  These, and many other reasons, may require the need to relocate, difficult as it may be.

How can a FINDcures Certified Relocation Professional Help?

When a relocation becomes necessary, a myriad of questions come up that need to be addressed.

  • What are the best locations that will provide the lifestyle I’ve been accustomed to living?
  • What weather conditions will be most suitable for my health?
  • Are there qualified medical specialists available for my disorder within the community I am considering?
  • Will I be close enough to family members in case I need their support?
  • Will the locations I’m considering improve my economic situation so that I can better provide for my family?
  • What are the schools like and will my children have access to clean and safe educational opportunities?
  • What are the employment opportunities like?

Once these, and other important questions have been answered, a FINDcures Certified Reloaction Professional can help the family plan the relocation and assist in their settling into their new area and home.

The FINDcures Relocation Network

FINDcures has established a large network of relocation related experts that provide national, regional, and local resources that will seamlessly and responsibly ensure your relocation needs are accomplished seamlessly, effectively, and well within your pre-established budget.

With the help and guidance of a FINDcures Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), every step of your relocation will be facilitated and managed, from beginning to end.  Your assigned CRP will create a customized plan, based upon you and your family’s unique needs, with particular emphasis on your medical requirements.  Your comprehensive relocation plan will address every detail of your relocation, answer every question, and will be professionally managed, monitored and coordinated by your assigned CRP.

Our relocation partner affiliates include many of the industry’s most capable service providers in these categories:

  • Real Estate Home Sale & Purchase
  • Apartment Rental Search and Assisted Living
  • Financial Services
  • Temporary Housing (Furnished or Unfurnished)
  • Area Tours
  • Van Line Services
  • Vehicle Transportation
  • Organizing Services
  • Concierge Services

Relocation is ranked as one of the top three most stressful experiences in a person’s life.  Why make it more difficult than it needs to be?  The FINDcures relocation services are proven, dependable, economical and self-liberating.  As you prepare to make a new location your home, let our Certified Relocation Professionals assist you, so you can focus on what is most important in your life, your family and your health.  FINDcures stands ready to help.


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