Bringing Hope – Testimonials

Below are some examples of how FINDcures is fulfilling our mission of funding research as well as bringing hope to those impacted by a neurological disease or disorder by providing them with important transitional support services.

Please accept our sincere appreciation to FINDcures for your recent gift to The UCI Foundation in support of the University of California, Irvine. Your generosity supports our faculty, staff and students in their commitment to innovation, discovery and leadership for the betterment of our local and global communities.” – Lynn A. Rahn, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, UCI Foundation

“I have struggled with Major Depression and Diabetes for most of my life.  FINDcures supplemented the cost for Dr. Ferrari, Alta Neuro-Imaging Neurofeedback for Depression, and life counseling through Treasured Steps, an affiliate provider of the FINDcures network.  FINDcures provided me with the help I needed, for which I am very much appreciative.” – Maggie G.

“Thank you so much for setting me up with Phil (will/trust attorney).  He was able to put my mind at ease and correct the issues at hand.  I can’t tell you or thank you enough.  I didn’t know where to turn, so FINDcures gave me much relief.  I am so grateful.”  –  Don C. (Don’s wife has Alzheimers and two of his four children have Downs Syndrome.)

Eric is a young man with Autism that FINDcures has been supporting with his educational needs.  Having graduated from high school, Eric has successfully made the transition to college and is now studying to become an engineer.  He is a talented artist and craftsman that enjoys making paper castles, and anything related to Disneyland.” – Debbie G. (Family friend)