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Foundation Institute for Neurological Diseases dba FINDcures®, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization founded in 2014 in Irvine, California.  Our founders realized that most neurological related non-profit organizations are focused on funding research to find cures for neurological diseases.  Very few are focused on the practical needs of patients and families impacted by the life-altering ramifications that come when dealing with a neurological disease.

Indeed, FINDcures® does raise money for medical research; however, we do much more than that with the funds we raise.  Our primary focus is in providing much needed transitional support services and information to those diagnosed with a neurological disease.  Our value is in our ability to understand, anticipate and facilitate the needs of patients and their families.

FINDcures® has developed a service model that we call our “Perimeter of Hope”.  At its center are the individual patient and their family.

Surrounding them are all of the transitional services that we offer.  Our services are comprised of those that typically become an immediate concern to individuals impacted by one of the neurological diseases that we are focused on defeating.  They include Mental Health and Well-being Services, Financial Planning and Retirement Services, Estate Planning and Legal Assistance, Housing, Relocation and Real Estate Services, Education Planning and Tuition Assistance, Medical Research and Information Services.

All of the FINDcures® Perimeter of Hope services are provided by industry leading professionals that have years of experience and are licensed to practice in their chosen field of expertise.

In order to be able to provide these services, FINDcures® performs fundraising activities. FINDcures® dedicates the vast majority of the donations received to subsidizing or, in some instances, covering the full cost of these services.  In addition, some of the donations are used to fund medical research targeted at finding cures for the neurological diseases which we have chosen to focus on.

As mentioned above, FINDcures® supports medical research that is targeted at finding cures for the following neurological diseases:


You may wonder why we have chosen these particular diseases to focus on.  Quite simply it’s because each of the Founders of FINDcures has had firsthand experience in dealing with the challenges that are inherent in battling a neurological disease.  One of them has battled Parkinson’s for over 10 years.  Another suffered a major stroke while raising a son with Epilepsy.  Two others have family members laden with Major Depression Disorder, and Alzheimer’s has affected two of their parents.  All of them know that finding a cure is important.  Until that day comes, however, our primary goal will be to help lessen the burdens of patients and their families that find themselves overwhelmed by the diagnosis of a life-altering disease.  Our hope and objective is to develop FINDcures® into a preeminent resource that patients and their families can turn to for hope and assistance when coming to grips with life after diagnosis.

Great discoveries by mankind have rarely materialized without the efforts of determined individuals, government backing, and philanthropic donors that have the financial means to make a difference in the lives of others.  We believe that in striving for the goals we have set for our organization, namely focusing first on providing the transitional services mentioned above, and also funding research for cures, we can help every person live a healthy and productive life.

To learn more about the Founders of FINDcures®, click on the Founders Bios page.

Public Filings

Our organization prides itself on being transparent with the public and our donors.  You can learn more about our public filings and financial information here.  Our federal tax ID# is 46-5513315.


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